The following is from an interview with Brad Elliott in the August 1983 issue of Fast Forward, a Capitol/EMI promotional publication. In this excerpt, Brad talks about finding the Live in London master tapes.

[During the vault search] we went up to the second floor [of the Pantages Theatre building, where Capitol rented storage space] to this little room where some special project tapes were stashed, and the first thing we pulled out were all the tapes of four British concerts from December 1968 – two at the London Palladium and two a week later at Finsbury Park. It turned out the second Finsbury Park show was put out as the live concert album that everyone always thought was recorded at the Palladium in 1969. But here we are with three other shows, so I start comparing the track lineups and noticed that Aren't You Glad was on the Finsbury tapes, but there was a different song in its place on the Palladium tapes. The song was marked something like I Wanna Make Love To You.

[It turned out to] be All I Want To Do. When we played it, we found the version from the first show was really sad. Vocally, they miss all their cues. After one verse, Mike Love says, “This is a song we really don't know yet, so bear with us.” The second show was better and that's the one we used, but you'll notice that it fades out before the end of the song. The reason for that is because, while they were recording it, they actually ran out of (eight-track) tape. We tried to splice in the ending of the other version, but it was just too sloppy.

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