The following is from an interview with Brad Elliott in the August 1983 issue of Fast Forward, a Capitol/EMI promotional publication. In this excerpt, Brad talks about some recordings that weren’t included on the Rarities album.

On top of everything else, we discovered a few other interesting oddities that we couldn't find room for on this album.

I came across an unreleased song [Raindrops] by the Honeys, the Beach Boys-related female group that Brian produced.

We found the tapes where the Beach Boys redid I Get Around and Fun, Fun Fun in the studio for their 1964 concert album. The actual live versions were there, too, but they were horrible. The tempo kept speeding up and slowing down.

We unearthed two heavily-orchestrated, Brian Wilson-produced instrumentals, How Deep Is The Ocean and Stella By Starlight.

The other stuff was outtakes like 15 takes of the basic instrumental track for I Get Around and a lot more talking and joking from Our Favorite Recording Sessions.

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